As you pursue your vision and your business expands, you’re focused on attracting talent, building a strong team and sustaining growth. The Bailey Group can help you take small, manageable steps to help you protect what matters most and grow your business so you can have the confidence to keep moving forward.

Strategies you can use:

How do I recruit, retain and reward my employees who are critical to the success of my business?
Finding key employees and keeping them is vital as you are working to expand your business. Every business is different, which means your needs and your employees’ needs are different, as well. An array of options are available that will not only help you recruit and retain employees but also reward those that have shown their importance to you, including:

  • Employee benefits – Simple and affordable employee benefits packages such as dental, vision, life, and short- and long-term disability
  • Qualified retirement plans – 401k, SEP IRA, SIMPLE, defined benefits plans
  • Executive bonus, Top-Hat, deferred compensation plans
  • Profit sharing plans
  • Split dollar arrangements providing key employees with lower-cost life insurance

Find a local Regional Vice President (RVP) in your area to learn more

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