Life Insurance Awareness Month

Have you considered how your loved ones would continue on financially if you were no longer here? Life insurance is a simple and affordable way to confidently answer that question. More importantly, did you know that September marks the start of Life Insurance Awareness Month (LIAM)? LIAM was created as a way to remind Americans about the importance of life insurance for their financial security. During this time, the industry comes together to share the message that getting life insurance is a simple and affordable way to protect the ones that you love and help ensure that they have a bright future.

Life Insurance allows you to say to your loved ones, “I love you. I’ve got you.” and mean it. Getting life insurance is a simple and affordable way to show your loved ones that if something happens to you, their financial future is secure. In honor of the month we’ve decided to assemble a little Q&A for you covering some of the most pressing life insurance questions that we receive.

Q: Can you really provide a new policy, with record collateral assignment, in less than 24 hours?

A: Yes! TBG’s current record is 42 minutes!

Q: Does it cost more given how quickly you can put a policy in place and have it assigned?

A: There is no additional cost for the speed delivered through our partners and programs. In addition, after closing using our fast processes, we can shop out your case to our 50+ insurance carriers.

Q: How much can you write a policy for?

A: While some companies have limitations, we can provide coverage up to the loan amount, and often much more.

Q: Can I can carry more coverage than my loan or more than the bank requires?

A: Yes. Any coverage amount above what’s used to pay off the loan of the assignee would be available to your beneficiaries.

About The Bailey Group

While we consider ourselves experienced on the topic, The Bailey Group provides more than just life insurance. If you didn’t know we also provide disability, LTC, retirement plans, group benefits, IRAs, and brokerage accounts. If you’re a business owner also considering risk protection and benefit enhancement strategies we also offer personal protection, key-person coverage, deferred compensation, retirement plans, and tax-free accounts.

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