Prep Your Business for Summer

When Should You Start Preparing for Slow Season?

Summer is known to be slow season for several businesses. Between kids being out of school, summer travel, and the enjoyable weather; there are many factors that keep people from patronizing businesses they would normally visit. There are steps you can take to prepare ahead of time for slow season and minimize the effects on your business. TBG has identified some ways you can plan ahead.

Cut Costs
Are you ordering more inventory than you need? Paying for office lunches multiple times a week? All of these costs can add up quickly, but can be the first place to cut costs to save during slow season.

Cut Hours
Look at the hours your business is most frequented and decide if you can reduce your hours. Consider only being open Saturday and closed Sunday, or close at 6pm instead of 9pm. Doing so will help eliminate additional overhead and labor costs.

Offer Promotions

On the other hand, instead of just looking at things you can cut, look at the ways you can encourage others to come in-store. Offer a flash sale that you promote via email, social media or offer a coupon for a return visit after initial purchase.

Consider E-Commerce
If you’re a brick and mortar only location and currently don’t have an e-store, then this may be the time to consider how to get an online store up and running.

We understand your business is your livelihood, and you need your operations to remain profitable. If you’ve noticed a lull during this time in the past, then consider these ways to minimize the effects of slow season.

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