Why You Should Obtain SBA Life Insurance as Early as Possible

Your SBA lender has informed you that life insurance is a requirement to be in place and assigned before you can close ...

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The Bailey Group closed out the 2021 year spending time giving back to our community

The Bailey Group closed out the 2021 year spending time giving back to our community. Our team adopted 18 children for ...

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Life Insurance Reporting Platform Designed Exclusively for SBA Lenders

Most of the people we work with are aware that The Bailey Group can place life insurance policies quickly at no ...

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Have Questions? We have Answers.

The Bailey Group SBA Life Insurance Frequently Asked Questions: Will the bank be the beneficiary of my life insurance? ...

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Life Insurance Awareness Month

Have you considered how your loved ones would continue on financially if you were no longer here? Life insurance is a ...

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Thinking Beyond Your Loan Requirement

The Small Business Administration (SBA) sets the requirements in order to be eligable for an SBA loan. These conditions ...

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What You Need to Know about Business Loan Protection and Why You Should Consider It

As a business owner, it is imperative not to default on your business loan payments. A default with your lender could ...

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Charles Bailey’s re-appointment to NAGGL’s 2021 Board of Directors

National Association of Government Guaranteed Lenders (NAGGL), announced the re-elect of Charles Bailey, Founder and ...

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Managing Your Tax Bracket: Planning If Taxes Go Up and Planning If Taxes Go Down

The Bailey Group shares “Managing Your Tax Bracket: planning if taxes go up and planning if taxes go down,” ...

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